Customer Support Representative 2
Analyzing the data

Imran Khan (IK)


IK has over 15+ years of experience in Service Industry. He has worked with many Multi-Billion Dollar Companies in 5 countries. He is always focussed on Profitability for Clients and promotes culture of Customer First.

Jason Arya

Operations Lead

Jason also has over 15+ years of experience in Service Industry. His work in Service Delivery Industry is highly regarded and  his teammates quite frequently call him Captain Cool. His focus on Project performance is unrivaled bringing the best results from his teams for the Clients.

Anna Singh

Service Delivery Lead

Anna has more than 12 years of experience in Service Delivery Industry. She has worked with Big Call Center companies in senior Profiles. Her approach on Campaign/Process Design is unbeatable. She has been working with Exelico right from the start and has been a key member in all the major projects.

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